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About company

Our qualification is an exterior of –buildings, objects and private houses. Particularly what !

• projection and the desigining of the the external appearance of the building

• we prefer to cooperate with architects who has a courageous fantasy and strange forms

• collecting of both roofs and facades which having metal and wooden base, depsite how it is difficult it is the best!

• laying roofing material and and facade lining

• setting up of water systems and their decoration with the pleasure of the customer

Even if that!

• off course heating and waterproofing of the buildings!

• and Yes!

• In addition lightning conductors!

Our experts walk over the all prosperous regions of the world and encouring the customers with their professionalism and quality of the performed work.

We work for you in countries such as Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan. We even constructed the palace of president at the request of the Indian authorities. We have constructed not only under water and on air! Still!

Our partners are the bigger factories and plants of the Europe.:
КМЕ / Zambelli / NBK - Ceramica / NedZink / KalZip / VMZINC / SSAB / Wienerberger - Ceramica / Mariotti.

HFS Int has been founded in 1996. More than 20 years brings comfort and joy to all the houses!

The exteriors of the building not to envy of the neighboors to the appearance and main; comfort, heating and aura at home. Of course you will not wear any cap!

It is comfortable and hot under the roof.